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Better? You bet!

Before any estimates or work is performed, your car will receive a visual inspection. This allows us to verify what is actually wrong with your vehicle as well as Advanced Auto Repairs Logoaccount for its overall  condition, modifications or problems beyond your initial concern. For example, what some refer to as a simple brake job can vary considerably from one vehicle to the next. By performing a few simple tests, we will know the amount of service needed.

We have some folks question our estimates as they may have been quoted a lower price elsewhere. In nearly every single case reported back to us it was determined the price they eventually paid was actually higher than our estimate. How could this be? Here's the deal: At Advanced Auto Repairs, we shoot you the price it will cost to drive out the door. We refuse to play the games of quoting a lowball price to lure you in with hopes of raising the price after the fact. Our pricing is based on national standards. If you find it cheaper elsewhere, ask yourself, "What are they leaving out to make it so cheap?". For a given job to be extremely lower elsewhere, something is missing, pure and simple. Is it quality? Is it high school kid labor? Are you even getting the parts you thought you were paying for? We hate to say it, but we see many new customers coming from other places which simply didn't do the job promised. This is a slap in the face to those of us keeping it honest.

Why does that advertised $99.00 “brake job” cost so much more once work actually begins? The New York attorney general's office has found that 9 out of 10 people were paying 3.5 times the advertised price on these "specials". Our own research has shown many of those brake jobs advertised for under a hundred dollars going for upwards of $1300 once work has begun. Ouch! This is known as the famous "bait and switch" and those who are offering those "discounts" are counting on you to spend more than the advertised price! You won't experience that at Advanced Auto Repairs as this is one reason we can't offer any estimates over the phone. You see - that noise you hear from your brakes might be an item in need of immediate attention to prevent an accident. Or, it could be as simple as a rock wedged in the wrong place. Be fair to yourself and let us perform an inspection before blindly quoting a number from thin air. You might save you a few dollars as we don't want to sell you more than you need. We'd like the sale, too, but more importantly, we want you for a longtime customer! Whether it's brakes, a Check Engine Light or any other problem, by taking the time needed for a proper inspection we can give you an accurate quote with no surprises. Few shops offer this. We make it a point to do things no other way and challenge you to find anyone who has experienced the "bait and switch" at Advanced Auto Repairs!

Next, once we have your vehicle in our computer system, keeping up with factory scheduled maintenance is a snap! Is that timing belt replacement due at 60,000 miles or 150,000? Should the transmission fluid be changed at this time? When do I need to replace my spark plugs? We can answer these and any other questions you may not even know to ask.

Advanced Auto Repairs hiring standardsAnother difference? This guy will never work here as he obviously falls below our standards. I believe he was at one of the shops listed above offering the low quote! We offer a drug free, smoke free and alcohol free work environment. How many shops can match that 100%?











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