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Large and Small jobs

Our work comes in all sizes - large or small. If you have questions on what we can do and this site isn't enough to convince you, give us a call!

At  Advanced Auto Repairs you'll find:


"Do you guys fix (insert problem here)?"

Yes we do! Here is a Complete List of Services offered:    


Testing and Repairs on the following:    
Computers Brakes Electrical 
Service engine soon light ABS/Anti-lock brakes Alternators
Instrument clusters Pads Batteries
Gauges/Speedometers Shoes Cruise control
Engine Control modules Machine drums and rotors Lighting
Anti-lock brake controllers Master cylinder, calipers Horns
Heating and A/C Systems Line repair/replacement Radios
Air Bags and controllers Fuel system Power & manual windows
Sensors Fuel lines Power accessories
Maintenance service Fuel pumps Starters
State Inspections Gas tanks Wiring repairs and custom wiring
Filters Fuel injection Wipers
Hoses  Cooling systems Air conditioning and Heaters
Checkup/Inspections Radiators Defrosters
Complete oil and filter service Electric fan controls Expansion Valves
Trip check ups Tires Dryers
Tune up Flat repair Freon Charging/testing
Used car inspections Balancing Leak testing
Engine Replacement Rotate Electronic control troubleshooting
Head gaskets Steering Door handles
Manifolds Laser 4 Wheel Alignments Hinge repair and replacement
Valve Jobs Power steering Door and panel alignment
Oil leaks Rack & pinion Body Trim
Intake manifold gaskets Tie rods and linkage Power Mirrors
Timing belts Power steering pumps Seat belts
 Flywheels Steering gear replacement Power Seats
 Engine & trans mounts   Suspension Trunk releases
Transmission Diagnostics/Replacement Axles Power Door Locks
Maintenance Service Ball joints Window Motors
Clutches CV boots and joints Custom Work
Shift improvement kits installed Springs Lift kits
Axles Struts Lowering kits
Differentials (Ring and Pinion) Shock Absorbers Re-gear for power/mileage
Universal joints Wheel bearings   Restoration Projects
Bearing replacement and complete rebuilds Exhaust Custom wiring
  Catalytic converters Welding and fabrication
   Mufflers  Roadside Unlocking Service
  Cat-Back installation Still don't see what you need? Call!



We can handle those "not-so-common" repairs as well:

Pest Problem? Yes, that's red and yellow! (Coral snake hitched a ride!)Advanced Auto Repairs Pest Control

Flood Damage! (Inch of water in the floor)Flooded vehicle flood damage

Mouse damage is quite common.

Mouse Rodent Rat and Squirrel Damage

Someone else's less than acceptable attempt at a wire "repair".Do-it-yourself wiring

And sometimes when we just need that extra little bit of help.Ty the DiagDude

Great Price, Convenience, Fast Repairs and Fixed Right… It’s all at  

Advanced Auto Repairs!


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