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The Most Affordable Repair Is The One You Only Have To Do Once!

Price shopping auto repairs?

It's just not the same as shopping for a car, stereo or TV. Shopping around for the cheapest repair tends to turn into the most expensive way to go. Who pays when those cheap repairs go bad? You do! Our business model is based on making repairs that last. Cheap imported parts don't play a part in that business model. Neither does cutting corners. Sometimes a lower priced part is of a high quality and can be used with perfect reliability. It's our job to know the difference and we put in overtime sorting the good from the not-so-good. Here are some things to consider while shopping for auto repair and we will compare to a TV purchase for a reference.

Let's say you've found that 50 inch Wiz Bang Plasma set that is advertised for a price in the newspaper. It has a model number listed so you go store to store trying to beat that price. Now, the difference between the sets in this instance is each store has a different return policy, maybe a different warranty policy and you might like one salesman more than another. But, the set you take out of the box is the same regardless of where you buy it. This is where price shopping can save you some money!

In auto repair there is very little to compare to the TV scenario. Let's use a brake job in this case. Sure, you've heard the ads for $99 4 wheel brake jobs. Have you ever heard of anyone actually paying this? We have sources that claim in over 13 years working at one of these chains, they have not seen one single car leave at this price. Our own research shows average prices running from $400 to $1300 from one source advertising these prices.

Next, what is being left out that makes the price appear so low? Will the repairs be done by a less than qualified (underpaid) person? Will the parts be fresh off the boat from China? Will all the necessary parts required for the repair be used? Was there ever any intention of the repairs being done at that price? Something has to be left out of the equation to make the price seem low, and it's not profit! To make a profit on a cheap job requires a sacrifice in labor, parts, integrity or all of the above.

There are premium brake pads for some pickups that cost over $100 for one axle at wholesale prices! At the same time we have found replacement pads that would cost us under $10 if we were foolish enough to try them! While these cheap brake pads are comparable to coffee grounds and Elmer's Glue, you wouldn't know the difference right away; meaning until after you paid your bill, heard the awful noises or had a complete brake failure. Is the low price a result of hiring low skilled help to do the work? Is it a result of using "coffee ground" type brake pads? The cut in price has to come from somewhere as we are all trying to make a living. While we have access to the same cheap parts and could hire entry level people off the street, we choose to perform repairs that last. So, when someone advertises a complete job for less than our cost on just parts, what are you really saving when faced with a problem a month from now? Those who visit us at Advanced Auto Repairs understand this difference!

As you can see, there is no comparison when price shopping between TV sets and car repair. The TV will work just the same regardless of where it comes from or the price you pay. Saving some money here can be a great deal! Chasing too many "
good deals" to save money in car repair can be extremely costly if not done with care. Take the time to get to know those working on your car. Get to know their reputation and certifications. And while we do take the time to offer the best repairs for the best price, cost comes second only to quality.




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