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Don't make a $2000 mistake!

More than once people have brought us vehicles after buying them wanting "simple" repairs thinking a low purchase price equaled a good deal. One spent $2000 in repairs before they realized the money they could have saved had we inspected the vehicles first! Wouldn't you like to know about prAdvanced Auto Repairs Tired Caroblems before writing a check for a used car or truck?  We offer a comprehensive inspection service so you know more about what you're buying before writing that check! We will tell you if that "great deal" was under water, previously wrecked or if there is any hidden damage. We dig for the truth! Our service includes a computer scan for emissions integrity, belts and hoses inspection, brake inspection, battery and charging system function test, fluid level and quality check (ie. transmission and differential), an under vehicle inspection to check for accident damage or leaks, we check for water/flood damage, suspension and steering condition, a test drive for overall performance and much more! You will get our printout showing needed repairs you can use to negotiate the price of the car or work out your total budget on your purchase. We also provide printouts from Kelly Bluebook and NADA showing the current book value. Complete testing of any specific problem is available as an option. Only a few of these inspections leave with a clean bill of health. Others leave with a comprehensive list of repair needs. Will your next purchase be a Peach or a Lemon? Don't get stuck with someone else's problem! After all, rarely does somebody sell a car they love. Before writing that check, take an hour of your time to make sure you're not the next victim. We might save you $$$$ as well!



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